Ramz Hed – 46mm Bolo Tie


The “Ramz Hed” (Ram’s head) pendant is a very modern version of a western bolo tie that my grandfather wore. Using an actual ram’s skull from an archaeological data base, with “Fibonacci set” horns made in 3D Blender, given a voronoi structure. There are two rings built into the back for a leather, fabric, or metal necklace strap or cord. (Pictured cord NOT included, but CAN be ordered).

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Ramz Head is a 46mm stainless steel Bolo Tie for men or women with built in cord rings in the back. You can use your own cord made of leather, cloth, silk or even a silk sash. (Pictured cord NOT included, but CAN be ordered).

Also available in other materials such as gold plated steel, brass, gold plated brass, bronze, or silver.

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