Octa “Digit” – 20mm 3D printed Pendant


The “Octa Digit” is one of the 5 objects used in Atomixz Jewelry, and is one of the most popular designs for necklaces and pendants. This design has been 3D printed in stainless steel, gold plated steel, brass, gold plated brass, bronze, and sterling silver. It can be printed in other materials such as titanium or gold upon request.




The Octa Digit is one of the family of the “Atomz” used in Atomixz 3D printed jewelry. It has an intricate inter-woven design that lends itself to fine necklace designs as well as for bracelet fobs. This design is popular for both men’s and woman’s jewelry. Also have a look at the “Octa Bladez” pendant.

Additional information

Metal Types

Brass, Gold Plated Brass, Gold Plated Steel, Stainless Steel, Sterling silver