“Eiffel Twist” – 30mm 3D printed Desk art


This sculpture is too large to be worn as a pendant, therefore I call it “desktop” or “tabletop” art. It is the favorite “toys for boys” object in the collection. The default material is gold plated brass but it has also been 3D printed in brass,  bronze, and sterling silver. It’s available in any of these other materials also including titanium or gold upon request to: brian@briandrescher.com



The “Eiffel Twist” is a sculpture based on the simplest of the Platonic solids, the tetrahedron. In the family of my “Trilio” sculptures such as the “Trilio Bodi” and the “Trilio Earzi” the most popular of my 3D printed desk art designs. The grid structure of this sculpture gives it a very organic look. Great as an eye-catcher on your desk to start a conversation. Have a look at some of my other desk art or table top art obects such as the “Doda Vorta” or the “Doda Modal“.