Doda “Vorta” – 25mm pendant or 45mm desk art


The doda “Vorta” is an interwoven 3D vortex that draws your eye to look inside. At 45mm it is a perfect  desk top art object that is sure to start a conversation. The 25mm version in sterling silver is a stunning pendant that will draw the eye to it’s wearer.




The “Doda Vorta” is an interesting combination of 3D printing and sculpture. At 45 mm this is the perfect desktop or table top sculpture to start a conversation. The 25 mm silver version makes a striking pendant or necklace and can also be worn as a bracelet fob. Have a look at some of my other desk and table top art such as the “Doda Modal” or the “Eiffel Twist“.

You can see a detailed CAD/CAM view in 3D here: Doda Vorta 3D at Autodesk 360

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25mm, 45mm